In 1995, when the Braves dominated the World Series (okay, they won by one run on the second to last game, but to me, they wore capes) I remember seeing the outfield fence and wondered how much was paid for this ad, and how many people saw it because of its placement. What change did it make, and why was it really there? At a baseball game? 

Picture Of A Baseball Stadium

Throughout the years, it’s always been a question of the macro, the big picture, the overall influence of something as simple and expensive as a swoosh. Notice how I didn’t call it a check? And because of that, you know the company that is being hinted at. We can have our own inside joke, because we both know that it’s Nike, who built up the swoosh. But at the end of the day, why do 320 million, out of 330 million Americans recognize it? And what does it have to do with your small business?

The phrase “unsolicited opinion” makes for a lot of different perspectives. On one hand, I think of the uncle during the holidays, who would be great if only he’d shut up. On the other end, unsolicited opinions also come from the most influential person who’s entered into your world for the last many years. This kind of person starts talking and like a muse, you’re obsessed with their words. You feel the value of each syllable. Then they abruptly stop their words, open their eyes wide, and apologize for their “unsolicited opinion.” But…what do you mean…?! I loved every word that was coming out of your mouth. 

The difficulty about this phrase is that it’s equally as self destructive. Unsolicited opinions from ignorant and/or arrogant people cause an environment of “please, just stop.” And the unsolicited opinions from the wise and educated create an environment of, “I’m interested. Keep going.” The difference is understanding how to recognize each. It’s easier in others. It’s much more difficult to see which type you are.

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