There’s a difference between being a business owner and an entrepreneur (or entrepre if you are typing too fast like me.) The oversimplified difference is that an entrepreneur works inside the business, pulling all of the strings of day-to-day activities. The business owner works on the business. Other people perform the output to customers. Which are you? Perhaps even more important, which do you want to be? 

No house remains without a solid foundation. If you want to work on your business, it’s important to aspire to put people in place that you can trust to handle production. I hear all kinds of excuses for this. “I can’t trust anyone.” “No one will care about the business like I do.” Well, you’re right about that one. They don’t get the rewards of your success, so why would you expect them to care like you? The right person will also be able to do things you can’t figure out, or that you shouldn’t spend your time doing. Like build a Google My Business account. 

Trust your gut, find a good person and give them small things to build trust. Your foundation will be an inspiration for them. When they succeed, give them more. Set smart goals for them. In time, you’ll build a lifestyle where you can trust someone. You’ll have more success than you ever thought possible. 

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